Airport Travel Tips Serious Travelers Must Know

Flying is the fastest and most luxurious way to travel, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Kevin Van Lierde, a 27-year-old man, founded luchthavenvervoer Kevin in 2012. We strive to provide the best possible service for our passengers.

If you frequent flyer, then you probably know that certain skills are necessary to navigate the airport smoothly.

These airport travel tips will help you get to your flight in no time. Check out this in-depth article for more information.

Don’t Forget your Water Bottle

We know water cannot be taken through security. You can take an empty water bottle through security and refill it at a water fountain afterwards. This will allow you to carry as much water as possible and save you money at the airport.

Keep your devices close by

“Please get your laptop out and turn it on.” We’ve heard this a hundred times. You can keep your devices safe and secure in a bag. This will help you save time at security checkpoints.

Make Your Own Food

The airport prices are prohibitive and the food served on planes is often not good. You can avoid this by buying your own snacks and other tasty items before you arrive at the airport. This will ensure you have enough food to eat, and not break your budget.


Many people have heard of those who were upgraded to first class. How do they manage this? Let staff know if you’re celebrating any special occasion. They might be interested in joining you for your celebrations. You can politely ask. A polite “no” is the worst answer.

Your own toiletries

Are you a frequent visitor to hotels? You should not leave the bathroom without using the small toiletries. They are usually smaller than the size required to pass security. To avoid paying extra at the airport, make sure you have your toiletries packed in a ziplock bag.

Avoid the Airport Queues

By choosing the fastest route to the airport, you will save time. Do not waste time waiting in rush hour. Pick flights at night. In minutes, you will be able to walk through security.

Take care of your hand luggage

It doesn’t matter if you travel by bus or limousine, your luggage will be easy to get to the airport. After that, however, your luggage must be processed through security. There may be multiple levels of security.

Before you go through security, take the time to organize your bags. This will save you from embarrassing moments when unpacking in front of others.