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Camshaft Alignment | Crankshaft Alignment – Automotive Specialty Tools

In the past, changing a timing chain or belt was an easy process that needed only basic tools and knowledge of key-ways. Because these sprockets could only turn one way due to their design, alignment marks for crank and cam alignment were used according to directions in service manuals. Nowadays however, many engines lack key ways or pulleys held in place by levers; hence Automotive Specialty Tools are needed in order to correctly align crank and cam.

Searching for Timing Marks

In years past, mechanics in the auto industry could simply look for timing marks when they adjusted a chain of timing. There was no need to read a service manual; it was as easy as bringing the top piston to dead center and checking for obvious marks. Most often, there was only one crank and camshaft involved and pulleys moved one way. Nowadays, things are different.

European Influence

In the past, only BMWs, Volkswagens and Volvos required special line-up or cam holders. Nowadays though, more US cars feature engines designed or inspired by Europe that may need repair work; some require VVT (Variable Valve Timing), SOHC (Single Over Head Cam) or DOHC (Double Over Head Cam) engines which may not be as straightforward to repair as American-built units are. Furthermore, auto mechanics are finding that old timing marks which were written on covers for timing or pulleys have been removed.

Ford Explorer

The German-built 4.0 SOHC engine in Ford Explorers since 1997 makes it the go-to choice for cam and crank alignment tools. Rotunda has been manufacturing these specialty tools to maintain cam and crank alignment for many years; eight tools are required to ensure proper alignment. They sell these under OTC (Owatonna Tool Company), just as Ford sells other Rotunda tools under their OTC brand – or you can get all eight necessary pieces as part of a kit called OTC6488-OCDEM from Owatonna Tool Company.

All makes

Ford isn’t alone in using European-designed engines that necessitate these tools. Chevrolet and Chrysler also rely on imported designs for their engines; alignment tools for Chrysler typically go by the name Miller specialty instruments while those for Chevrolet may be labeled Kent Moore. All these brands fall under SPX Corporation (Sealed Power Corporation), including Rotunda, Miller, Kent Moore and OTC specialty tools as well as various others.

Professional Repairs

Timing chains must be changed and an old timing chain aligned after the cylinder head is taken apart, which makes this task impossible for DIY’ers. Automotive repair shops that invest in specialty tools such as the OTC6488-OCDEM to fix engines will reap rewards in the future – with well-equipped shops being able to stay ahead of competitors.

Automotive Equipment Distributors: Discovering Amazing Deals!

Automotive Specialty Tools offer a selection of tools, lifts and service equipments designed to assist with lifting and handling heavy objects during repairs to vehicles or maintenance tasks. They can also serve other functions. With so many auto equipment dealers across America, this business is highly competitive; now much of this equipment can be accessed online.

Different Types of Automotive Equipment

Different varieties of automotive equipment exist.

Customers have the freedom to select from a range of tools and equipment for their vehicle, depending on its use and location.

Autolift Equipment

As their name implies, auto lifts are used for lifting automobiles and other objects. They give mechanics access to the car’s belly for repairs or cleaning purposes; there are four main kinds of autolift equipment: two posts four posts, two posts parking, mid-rise and turf. The most popular model is the two posts lift.

Air Compressors

Compressors consist of an engine and pump. Compressors come in various configurations such as horizontal, vertical gas, duplex stack, or diesel. They’re commonly used to fill air into tires.

Lubrication Equipment

This automotive equipment helps lubricate the various components of a vehicle. This includes grease valves, oil pumps and oil meters, among others.

Equipment Service

Service equipments are a collection of tools designed to make servicing your car simpler and faster. Automotive equipment distributors typically stock booster cables, wheel balancers, batteries chargers brake fluid exchangers paint and body equipment – creating an entire category in themselves.

Tire Changers

Altering tires is never an easy process. But thanks to modern tire changers, it takes only minutes and provides accurate location of the new tire.

Exhaust Equipment

Certified exhaust equipment that meets car maker standards is provided by an auto equipment distributor. In order for exhaust hoses to perform effectively under extreme temperatures and pressure conditions, standard products are essential.

Wheel Alignment Equipment

Many distributors offer wheel alignment equipment of superior quality. The Hunter wheel alignment device has become a go-to choice for numerous businesses and auto repair shops alike.

Other Automotive Accessories Weitere Artikel verfugbar Online

Repairing and servicing vehicles necessitate a variety of tools such as jacks, dollies testers, monitors, hammers and screwdrivers. Automotive equipment distributors carry these in various kinds and styles.

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