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Camshaft Alignment Crankshaft Alignment – Automotive Specialty Tools

Camshaft Alignment Crankshaft Alignment – Automotive Specialty Tools

In the past , changing the timing chain or belt was a simple task that required only basic tools to complete the task. The crankshaft and camshaft’s sprockets could only go one way due to the design, which used the key-way, which allowed the pulley to go on one way. The alignment marks for the cam and crank were aligned per directions from the service manual. Today, many engines do not have a key-way or pulleys that are held in place. Because the key-way isn’t used in increasing number of automobiles, Automotive Specialty Tools are required to correctly align the crank and cam.

Searching for the Marks

In the past, mechanics in the auto industry could simply check for timing marks when they changed the chain of timing. They didn’t have to read the service manual. It was pretty simple to bring the top piston to dead center, and then look for evident timing marks. The majority of the time, there was just the crank and only one camshaft to deal with and the pulleys moved one way. Things are changing.

European Influence

In the past, the main vehicles that required special line-up or cam holders were BMWs, Volkswagens and Volvos. The US is home to more vehicles that have engines that are European-designed or have influence from Europe. They’re not as straightforward to repair. Some have VVT (Variable Valve Timing), SOHC (Single Over Head Cam), DOHC (Double Over Head Cam) engines that aren’t quite as easy to repair. With American cars that feature engines from other countries Auto mechanics are discovering that the old familiar timing marks which were written on the covers for timing or pulleys have been removed.

Ford Explorer

The German-built 4.0 SOHC engine, which is in use in Ford Explorers starting in 1997 It is a top choice for cam and crank aligning tools. Rotunda has been making specialty tools that keep the cam and crank alignment in place for a number of years. The pulleys can be capable of being moved into any position. The tools required are eight to ensure that the cams and crank are aligned. They sell these tools under OTC (Owatonna Tool Company) the same way they sell other Ford Rotunda specialty tools. The above mentioned Rotunda equivalent auto tools are available offered in a kit, the OTC6488-OCDEM.

All makes

Ford isn’t alone using European-designed engines which require these specific tools. Chevrolet and Chrysler also have gone with imported designs for their engines too. The alignment tools needed by Chrysler are often labeled Miller specialty instruments, while the Chevrolet-specific tools are labeled Kent Moore. Rotunda, Miller, Kent Moore and OTC specialty tools along with various other brand names are all included under the SPX Corporation (Sealed Power Corporation) umbrella.

Professional Repairs

A wide range of tools are required to change timing chains and align the old timing chain once the cylinder head is removed. This stops DIY’s from performing this task. This is good news for auto repair shops willing to invest in specialty auto tools such as the OTC6488-OCDEM necessary to repair the engines. The future will not be short for a well-equipped auto repair shop.

Automotive Equipment Distributors: The Deals

Automotive Specialty Tools is a range of tools, lifts and service equipments that can be used to assist in the lifting and handling of heavy objects used during repairs to vehicles and maintenance. They are also used to serve other functions. There are a lot of auto equipment dealers across the country. This business is very competitive. The equipment is now accessible online.

Different types of automotive Equipment

Customers can choose among a wide range of tools and equipments for their vehicle. This will depend on the use and location.

Autolift Equipment

The name suggests that they are utilized to lift automobiles and other objects. They allow mechanics access to the vehicle’s belly. They allow mechanics to access the car from beneath to make repairs. They also help clean the belly of the car easily. There are four kinds of auto lift equipment: two posts four posts, two posts parking, mid-rise and turf. Most popular is the two posts lift.

Air Compressors

The equipment is comprised of an engine and a pump. engine. Compressors are available in a range of configurations: horizontal, vertical gas, duplex stack, and diesel. They are typically used to fill air into tires.

Lubrication Equipment

It is a piece of automotive equipment that is used to lubricate the various components of the vehicle. It includes grease valves, oil pumps and oil meters, among others.

Equipment Service

The service equipments are a collection of equipments that make servicing your vehicle easier and faster. The service equipments that are generally provided by automotive equipment distributors include booster cables, wheel balancers batteries chargers brake fluid exchangers paint, body equipment, etc. They’re a whole category by themselves.

Tire Changers

It’s always difficult to change tires. The tire changer makes it easy to change the tires in only one or two minutes. It also provides accuracy to the location of the tire.

Exhaust Equipment

Exhaust equipment that is certified by car makers is supplied by an auto equipment distributor. The exhaust hoses must be able to withstand temperatures and pressure to a large extent, therefore, standardized products are essential.

Wheel Alignment Equipment

A lot of distributors provide wheel alignment equipment that is of top quality. The Hunter wheel alignment device is widely utilized by numerous companies and auto repair shops.

Other Accessories for Automotive

Repairs and servicing for vehicles need a variety of tools such as jacks, dollies testers, monitors and hammers, screwdrivers, etc. Distributors of automotive equipment offer these in different kinds and styles.

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