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8 Tips to Sell Your Car by Yourself

  1. Get organized. Get organized. Clean your car. Keep track of all service records. You can store any spare parts and accessories that you may have for your vehicle in the car. You can have your car ready for sale so the buyer can take it home.

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  1. Craigslist is the KING. Craigslist is the best place to find a used car. It’s completely free. Make sure to include as many photos as you can and a detailed description of your vehicle when you list it. This is a great tip. Take photos of all flaws in your car and describe them accurately. This will help you stand out among all those who claim that their car is perfect. AutoTrader is a great alternative to Craigslist.
  2. You should update your craigslist listing often. You move up every time you make a listing change on craigslist. You’ll get the best out of your ad by updating it once per day, or even once per hour.
  3. The best phone call or email is the first one you receive. We have found that the first person who contacts you via craigslist or similar sites and even classifieds in the newspaper is often the one that buys. Treat that person like royalty. You don’t have to discount the first caller, as they are usually motivated.

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  1. Take precautions. Your address should not be listed in an ad. This will make it easy for someone to steal your car. Your work number should be listed instead of your personal number. Last but not least, meet potential buyers in public places. Parking lots in shopping malls are great because they offer security and lots of people. They’re also easy to find.
  2. Test drives. If you are uncomfortable with your buyer driving the car, or if they ask you to, you may be able to take control of the keys. You should not give the buyers a negative vibe during or before the test drive.

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  1. Accept cashier’s checks and bank drafts only. If you are not in a bank, talking to an employee about payment options, do not accept a cashier’s check or bank draft. These instruments can be easily counterfeited so only trust people you know. Always insist on cash. Meet your buyer at the bank if they need to sign a bank draft.
  2. All your loose ends are taken care of. Make sure your plates are removed before you allow someone to drive your car. The bill of sale is proof that the vehicle was sold. Ask for identification. Don’t sell your car to anyone if you are getting any resistance.

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