Dolphin Boats: Announces New Ownership

Nationally Recognized Yamaha Dealer and Flats Boat Building Company Unite. Eric’s Outboard Sales and Eric’s Contender Boats Sales, veteran marine industry managers, have taken over Dolphin Boats, the legendary flats-boat builders. This is great news to the loyal Dolphin Boats fly fishing and flats fishing communities. The Princeton Florida team, located on Packing House Road, continues to build the best custom flats and shallow-water fishing boats. They have been doing so for more than 56 years.

Kelly Fullerton and Tony Perez have assumed leadership of the company with an emphasis on maintaining the boat’s reputation that they have built over the years. Fullerton stated that “our customers are an elite group who don’t compromise quality or character.” They expect the best from boat manufacturers. They are a great inspiration to us to make world-class shallow-water boats. Ron Cook, a Dolphin boat owner and award-winning fly fisherman, said that “all the top backcountry flat fishermen have Rossiter Boat a Dolphin Super Skiff. It’s the best boat for this kind of fishing and the most versatile.” It’s been my boat for more than 20 years, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

The Dolphin Boats Advantage

Dolphin Boats has been making the best flats, and shallow-water fishing boats for over 60 years. Each vessel is created one at a while by our small team of boating enthusiasts and avid fishermen.

Our boats are distinguished by their superior construction, exceptional performance, and enduring quality. We don’t focus on mass-producing flats or shallow water boats. Instead, we make a few exquisitely handcrafted models.

Dolphin Boats will help you make your dream a reality by becoming a partner. You will own a boat that not only stands the test of time but also has your goals and dreams in its design. You can pass your boat down to the next generation.

Engineered Quiet and Dry Hull

Guides and lodges who use these boats every day have proven our quiet, dry-riding design. You need to be stealthy in order to catch trophy fish.

Decades of Insight

We value the feedback of our guides and customers. We are valued partners and constantly add our critical insights to every boat so that you have a custom solution that provides the best fishing and boating experience.

Dolphin Boats Genuinely Handcrafted

Our veteran craftsmen have been building boats for years. Each Dolphin Boat is built one at a time. Each year, we create only a few boats for a select group of Dolphin owners who are passionate about the finer things of life.