Franklin Truck Parts: was named Distributor

The business needed to grow. We were the experts in brake lining and brake drums so we moved on to wheel attaching Franklin Truck Parts as well as seals and bearings. We were guided by our customers to find the right lines and products, and expansion was a natural process. The brake systems can be fitted with compressors, air valves, and hoses. We opened our first branch and soon after that, we added suspension Franklin Truck Parts. We began to offer leaf springs and airbags at another location, then full suspension systems, including axles, a few years later.

We were now complete under-carriage specialists. We were able to expand our suspension parts business and now have a full steering rebuild facility. In the San Fernando Valley, we also make custom crosstubes. The under-carriage parts were a natural extension to fifth wheels and hitches. With the opening of our new location, we now offer lighting and accessories, starters, alternators, fan clutches, kits, and clutches. We also have driveline service and parts.

We are still guided by our customers to this day. Customer calling and asking for something is one of our most gratifying compliments.


It wasn’t about opening the first branch store. It was when to let go and let Greg, my son, take over.

What was your best business decision?

Let go and give others the chance to manage.

What was your worst business decision?

It hasn’t happened yet.

What is the best way to keep a competitive edge?

We are committed to providing excellent service and products. We also strive to add services and products that compliment our offerings and meet our customers’ needs. Customers know that Franklin Truck Parts’ sales staff can assist with any technical issue, including suspension, steering, and air systems. We are proud to have great people and produce excellent results.

What is your FIVE-Year Vision?

Keep servicing our Southern California customers and expanding with new locations to meet market demand and fill in gaps in the coverage area. We will try to fulfill any requests that may arise for new services, products, or locations.


Franklin Truck Parts is always market-driven. We are committed to providing quality products and services at affordable prices. We maintain inventories according to regional demand. This allows us to ensure that we have all the necessary items to complete any job. 

Business model: We do what is necessary to serve each customer. The inventory at each location is determined by the local customer’s needs. This is also true for each of our shops services.

Growth plan: To add products, services, and locations to satisfy customer needs. We will keep our focus on quality products that are well-recognized and increase the value of our products over price.