Hillsboro Truck Beds: GII Steel


Hillsboro now has another aluminium bed model. The 3500 Series Aluminium Bed is now in production. The 2500 Series and 3000 Series Aluminium Hillsboro Truck Beds offer the best in class features and qualities. They now include skirting and underbody tool boxes.

The new features are more than just great looking; they serve a purpose that is beneficial to the owner. Storage capacity is one of the greatest benefits. Hillsboro’s 96×112/3500 Series Bed has 18.4 cubic yards of storage, compared to 9.1 cubic feet for competitors.

The 3500’s durability is increased by using aluminium sheet material of.125 thickness for skirting and tool boxes, as opposed to the.100 used in the competition. This bed is Best of Class because it features heavy duty extrusions in the tailboard for extra strength. It also has 3″ I beam crossmembers underneath the extruded plank flooring.

Hillsboro is proud to offer a 3 year warranty on the aluminium construction and a 2-year warranty on any painted parts of any of its aluminium Hillsboro Truck Beds. This compares with many of the competitors’ 1 year warranties on aluminium construction and 90-day paint warranties.

A customer will make a decision about which aluminium truck bed they want to buy, whether it is to restore their beloved truck or to replace the truck that was just purchased at $65,000. Will they be looking for the best value or just the lowest price?

Aluminium Hillsboro Truck Beds: Benefits

Hillsboro Truck Beds were traditionally made from steel because it was the best available metal. Aluminium truck beds have steadily gained in popularity since their introduction in 2000. Aluminium Hillsboro Beds have seven advantages over steel beds. This is primarily due to aluminium’s higher corrosion resistance and lighter weight.


Corrosion resistance

The natural resistance of aluminium to corrosion is unaffected by any manufacturing processes. Steel is more susceptible to rust even with costly measures like galvanization and stainless steel.

The addition of chromium can be used by steel manufacturers to increase its rust resistance. This also increases steel’s price. Although they can be called stainless steel, these alloys don’t really resist corrosion. However, stainless steel is less strong than other steel alloys. This can prove to be a problem in load bearing applications like Hillsboro Truck Beds.

Galvanization may be another method used by manufacturers to protect Hillsboro Truck Beds. A zinc layer is applied to the surface of the bed, making it highly resistant against rust. This process increases the bed’s cost and makes it ineffective after the galvanic layer has worn off.