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How Automotive Consultants can help you

Our automotive consulting services at kepler consulting are leading the way in aftermarket excellence and service for the automotive industry. Our specialists have been working with a variety of Vehicle Manufacturers (VM), parts manufacturers, aftermarket service providers, logistics providers, and information system providers in automotive.
Our expertise also covers multiple sub-sectors of support and equipment manufacturing in the automotive industry, including passenger cars and commercial trucks as well as vans and buses.
Imagine if your automotive aftermarket experience and expertise could be leveraged to your advantage? How could you, your employees, customers, and shareholders all benefit from our collaboration? What can we do together that our competitors cannot?

Aftermarket businesses can’t be run with processes, systems and organizations that were built in the last century. Products manufacturing companies were not designed to handle aftermarket complexity, long-term relationships management, or servitised business models.
Automotive aftermarket has 10x-20x the number of part numbers, longer life-cycles, global warehousing networks, complex demand forecasting, inventory plan and logistics networks, and many other pricing scenarios.
It is difficult to satisfy automotive aftermarket/aftersales customers that require a more personal, immediate service experience. This requires the rethinking, reconfiguration, and reintegration business processes, systems, and people across your global aftermarket support chain.

The largest, most fragmented, and most complex aftermarket of all is the automotive one. The aftermarket is complex and diverse due to new technologies, customer diversification and longer development cycles. This increases the complexity of the service and support services and costs. The automotive industry faces a constant challenge to remain at the top.
Customers in the service economy want certain outcomes, capability, and service performance. They don’t need to worry about ownership costs such as maintenance or capital expenditure.
Do you really know your customers’ needs? Are you up to the challenge?

Business Strategy and Management: Pricing strategy/management, Branding strategy, Innovation; Enterprise model design; Strategic Enterprise Cost Management; Outsourcing and Shared Services Strategy; Finance Transformation; Enterprise Risk and Governance

Customer Engagement: Service transformation; Sales strategy; Pricing strategy. Warranties. Aftermarket support. Dealer/distributor management.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Due-diligence, Private Equity transactions; Acquisitions. Turnarounds and restructuring. Integration strategy and execution. Business valuation and modeling. M&A capability development.


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