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How to fix a steering wheel lockup on Dubai roads

It is undisputed that Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You may have had many memorable moments thanks to it. It can be a hassle to lock your steering wheel. Because it controls the vehicle’s course, the steering wheel is one the most important parts of a motor vehicle. It’s a common feature in automobiles as well as other vehicles, such trucks and buses. To make the vehicle run, the driver must control the wheel. It’s very frustrating when your steering wheel stops working while you are driving. It’s not a good idea to be stuck in the middle your drive. You have two options. Either you can repair your car yourself or hire a professional Dubai car service / repair team. It doesn’t matter what, it is crucial to know what happened to your vehicle.

What are the causes of this?

It’s a safety feature that cars have to keep their steering wheels locked at all times. The ignition will be unlocked if you have the key. The key is required to unlock the car’s steering wheel. There are many reasons your car’s steering wheel could lock up, including malfunctioning locking mechanisms and technological problems. This is a serious problem and should be addressed immediately. If you are unable to figure it out, call the best car service professionals in your area. Here are some possible causes.

  • Power steering pump

The power steering pump could jam suddenly and without warning. Your steering wheel might lock up during driving due to this. In the past, failure of the power steering pump wasn’t a problem because cars didn’t have them. To steer the car around turns, all you needed was arm muscles. Power steering pumps are a relatively recent invention that makes it easier and simpler to turn automobiles. It’s sensitive and will stop working if the engine suddenly stops while you drive.

  • Sharp turns

Your vehicle’s transmission system can be damaged by abrupt bends. This can damage your engine and cause your steering wheel to lock up when you drive. Your power steering pump could become clogged if you make sharp bends. To reduce the chance of your steering wheel becoming stuck while driving, bend the curves gently and slowly if possible.

  • Car ignition lock

Sometimes, the ignition can also get stuck. If your key cannot switch on or off the engine, this is known as sudden lock up. This is known as sudden lock up by mechanics and can be dangerous if it occurs while you are driving at high speeds. A fatigue breakdown of the ignition system can cause sudden ignition lock up. If you notice any unusualities in your ignition, contact a professional car service technician as soon as you can.

What should you do?

There are three main reasons steering wheel locks up: using the wrong key, making many fast turns, failure of the power steering pump, and an ignition lock. Once you have identified the cause of your steering wheel locking up, it is important to quickly address the issue. These are some possible solutions.

You don’t need a guide if you are skilled enough to repair your car yourself. Otherwise, you can hire the best car service and repair centers in Dubai to do it for you.

Change the power steering pump

A malfunctioning power steering pump can be identified by whining sounds coming from the hood. If you hear the whining, it is worth replacing or fixing your power steering pump. You can complete the work if you have some knowledge in mechanics. You might need to call a professional for car repairs if you are not skilled in mechanics. To repair the steering pump, a customized pulley puller will be needed, not a standard one. This service can be easily accessed at a local professional car service center.

Remove all debris from the steering column

Dirt, dust, and other unwelcome particles can block the interior of your steering column. To avoid further problems, remove any unwelcome particles immediately.

Repairing or replacing the Ignition Switch Cylinder

It is always a good idea to take your steering wheel to a professional Dubai car care consultant. The ignition cylinder is directly connected to your steering wheel lock. To remove the lock, you can use your left hand and agitate the cylinder with your left hand. This is the easiest and most straightforward way to inspect the ignition cylinder. If the steering wheel doesn’t lock, you can replace the ignition cylinder or consult an auto specialist in Dubai.


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