How to fix a steering wheel lockup on Dubai roads

How to fix a steering wheel lockup on Dubai roads

Dubai is undisputedly one of the most picturesque cities in the world, and you likely have many unforgettable memories thanks to it. Unfortunately, locking your steering wheel can be a hassle – after all, it controls your vehicle’s course so it plays an integral role. Automobiles, trucks and buses all use steering wheels. In order to make the vehicle run efficiently, drivers must control the wheel. If your steering wheel stops working while driving, it can be very frustrating and stressful. There are two options: either you repair your car yourself or hire a professional Dubai car service/repair team; whatever option you choose, make sure you know what went wrong with your vehicle.

What causes this condition?

Cars have a safety feature that keeps their steering wheels locked at all times, keeping the ignition unlocked if you have the key. There can be many reasons why your car’s steering wheel might lock up, such as malfunctioning mechanisms and technological issues. This issue should be addressed immediately; if you cannot figure it out yourself, contact experienced auto service professionals in your area for assistance. Here are some potential causes:

  • Power Steering Pump

Your power steering pump could malfunction unexpectedly and without warning, resulting in lockup of the steering wheel. In years past, failure of this component wasn’t a concern since cars didn’t have them; all you needed to do was use your arm muscles to turn your car. Nowadays however, power steering pumps are relatively new inventions which make turning automobiles easier and simpler but are sensitive if your engine suddenly shuts off while driving.

  • Sharp Turns

Sudden bends in your vehicle’s path can damage its transmission system. This could wreak havoc on your engine and cause your steering wheel to lock up while driving. Furthermore, power steering pumps could become clogged if you make sharp bends. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, attempt to take curves slowly and gently if possible.

  • Car Ignition Lock

Sometimes, the ignition can become stuck. If your key won’t switch on or off the engine, this is known as sudden lock up by mechanics and could be hazardous if occurring while driving at high speeds. A fatigue breakdown of your ignition system may also contribute to this condition. If you notice anything unusual with your ignition, contact a qualified car service technician right away for assistance.

What should you do?

Three main causes of steering wheel lockup include using the wrong key, making many fast turns, failure of your power steering pump, and an ignition lock. Once identified as to why your wheel is locking up, act quickly to address it – here are some possible solutions:

If you are skilled enough to repair your car yourself, no guide is necessary. Alternatively, the top car service and repair centers in Dubai will do it for you.

  • Upgrade Your Power Steering Pump

Power steering pumps that are malfunctioning can be identified by hearing whining noises coming from under the hood. If you hear these, it may be time for replacement or repair of your power steering pump. If you are handy with mechanics, however, if not experienced enough in car repairs then calling a professional might be necessary. To repair this type of pump, a customized pulley puller is needed instead of the standard one and this service can easily be obtained at your local professional car service center.

  • Clear away all debris from the steering column.

Dirt, dust and other undesirable particles can clog the interior of your steering column. To avoid further issues, remove any such substances immediately.

  • Repair or replacing an ignition switch cylinder

It is always wise to consult a Dubai car care expert prior to replacing your steering wheel. The ignition cylinder is directly linked to the lock on your wheel, so using one hand and gently shaking the cylinder with another will suffice. If there’s still no lock, replacing the ignition cylinder or consulting an auto specialist in Dubai is your best bet.