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The Stratos “Javelin Boats” of Genmar

Genmar Boats Holdings, Inc. recently acquired Fiberglass Boat Group, Stratos/Javelin Boats, as most people know. Genmar Boats Holdings, Inc. has acquired Fiberglass Boat Group, Stratos/Javelin Boats. This makes it the largest independent pleasure boat manufacturer worldwide. Genmar now owns, operates, and manages 18 boat companies, including Crestliner, Lund, Ranger Boats and Lund.

Stratos was a well-known builder of high quality fishing boats. Javelin Boats joined Stratos to create Stratos/Javelin Boats in 2012. Another O.M.C. Fiberglass Boat Group Company was the result of a rational merger. It was intended to improve proficiency and go on-line in one the most technologically advanced Fishing Boat Manufacturing Facilities in the world.

Today, I was able to meet the veteran boat builders who will be leading “Genmar’s Stratos/Javelin Boats management group. The new team includes Gary Clouse (General Manager), Denny Warren (Director of Marketing), Hank Baker (Director of Sales), Stephanie Dinkins (Sales Manager), John Atwood (Plant Manager), and Alan Stinson (Director of Engineering), a world-renowned hull designer.

Gary Clouse, who started selling boats at retail in the 80’s, began selling Stratos retail in 1984. They were great for fishing. He was a member of the B.A.S.S. He fished out of them for more than four years before returning to Stratos in 1988 as a customer service representative. Gary was appointed Sales Manager at Stratos in 1994 and remained there until 1997. Gary was named Triton Boats’ Sales Manager in 1997 when Triton Boats was established. He was appointed to manage Stratos/Javelin Boats, by Irwin Jacobs, Chairman and CEO of Genmar Holdings, Inc., and Randy Hopper, President of Genmar’s freshwater fishing boats companies, in the early part of this Girls on Motorcycles year. It’s great to have a team like Denny, Hank and Stephanie as well as John, John, and Alan. Clouse said, “It’s an honor work with dedicated people such as these on our team.”

Denny Warren, a veteran of the marine industry, began his career with Stratos Boats back in 1987. After completing his training in customer service, he moved to Javelin Boats, where he worked up to sales. He was promoted to marketing manager at Stratos/Javelin just a few years back. Ranger’s V.P., Randy Hopper, and Bart Schad. Our companies’ promotional success will depend on the quality of our marketing. Warren stated that maintaining a strong working relationship with our fishing boat companies will help them stand out more.

Hank Baker joined Stratos on day one of 1985. He has been a key force in sales and production for many years and is the team’s glue. He will undoubtedly play a significant role in the success of this team.


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