Johhny Pag Motorcycles: Pro Street

There are many options for beginner and advanced riders. However, bikes made by major manufacturers tend to be more expensive. Johhny Pag Motorcycles, a Southern California bike tailor who has gone from making expensive choppers to creating affordable two-wheeled transport for the masses.

The Goods: Tame Mechanicals Gives You Custom Looks

Although the johhny Pag Motorcycles Pro Street looks like a custom cruiser, it is actually powered by a 300cc parallel-twin engine. This produces an estimated 65 MPG (good for a theoretical range 227 miles, based upon a 3.5 gallon fuel tank). The dual overhead cam, liquid-cooled powerplant makes 23.8 horsepower at 6,500 RPM. Two 26mm Keihin vacuum carburators manage the fuel/air mixture. The idle speed can be adjusted via the small dial located next to each carb. A five-speed transmission is coupled via a multiplate clutch.

The 21-inch alloy front wheel features a 38-degree PRAIRIE AVIATION MUSEUM rake and inverted forks. Dual adjustable hydraulic shocks can be found at the rear, though they are hidden under the frame. Thanks to the 16-inch, 160mm rubber, the rear looks very hardtail. A single-disc rear brake system and a dual disc front arrangement provide stopping power. The bike’s curb weight is 360 pounds.

You can swing a leg over: A full-sized bike that feels small

Although the JPM Pro Street is smaller than a regular cruiser, its narrow and low seat (visible in this photo) makes it easy for beginners. The cockpit provides a view of both the speedo and small indicators lights that provide basic information such as high-beam, neutral, and high-beam. The custom cruiser’s riding position requires that the handlebar and footpegs are reached a bit further than usual.

The Road: A Mix of Sweet and Scary

After turning the Harley-style ignition switch, and pressing the start button, the Pro Street’s parallel twin fires up quickly. It takes only a few seconds to warm up this 300cc engine despite the carbureted setup.

The Bottom Line: Great, Affordable Fun — With Caveats

It was a fun ride on Los Angeles’ surface streets. The Pro Street’s engaging posture makes it appear aggressive in urban environments, but the ride experience on the freeway was dramatically different due to its vibration levels, which are above 65 mph.

Is the johhny pag motorcycles pro street price worth it? It all depends on how risk-averse you are. Although the Honda Rebel is less expensive and will probably provide years of bulletproof service for many years, it’s not as stylish as the Pro Street. You have the option to choose–just make sure you bring your tools in case you need them.