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Strangers take “Pink Truck” Unicorn Snow Cone

On Wednesday, a Pink Truck snow cone theft was captured on camera. This isn’t the only wild story. HOUSTON — Don’t let one Houston food truck’s appearance fool you. It took many people to convince the pink-colored owners of a trailer with unicorns and hearts that you can sometimes catch a unicorn.

“Crazy! What do you know? Garcia stated that it was a blessing. It’s incredible, and Houston is the best. The Unicorn Snow Cone is a hit!


The Hancock Prospecting-owned company announced the first crushed ore earlier in the month. It then transported its first shipment by road to Port Hedland using four brand new pink truck. The haulage of 4-5 million tonnes per annum of lump and fines by road will be to Utah Point stockyard, which will increase the Atlas value chain by 5-6 years.

Atlas Iron CEO Sanjiv Manchanda said that he was proud of his team, Atlas staff, and contracting partners MGM Bulk and MACA, who worked tirelessly to achieve our project goals. It’s always a team effort and our small team knows how to accomplish the task safely, efficiently, and with agility in order to achieve a win-win result.

Success in mining allows its industry, as well as others, to keep investing. This investment is vital for families, jobs, revenue, opportunities and supports rising living standards. Research into science, technology and fauna is also possible in the mining industry. To reduce fuel consumption, it encourages commercial use of solar power and drones. It is vital that investment flows to new mines in order to ensure the industry continues to provide community benefits and other benefits.

“I also want to thank our partners MGM Bulk, CSI Mining and CSI Mining for painting their four brand-new trucks and crushers a striking pink colour. This was in recognition of our Group’s and Executive Chairman’s commitment to breast cancer research and patient care. The pink truck will now be part of a significant amount of the Pilbara’s mining infrastructure, which includes ships, trains, processing plants, crushers, and mining trucks.

Thankfully, no one was injured. The chair fell from the truck and landed in a four-way intersection. However, it did not impact any cars or people. It’s a good thing too, as my chair, an Overwatch-themed Secretlab Titan, is built like a tank and could easily go toe-to-toe alongside a truck if given enough running start. My chair hit the ground and cars began honking their horns, as if they knew they had just escaped death.


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