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This Mom Drives the “Scooby Doo Monster Truck”

fAre you interested in attending Monster Jam in Greenville, SC this May? Linsey Read will be competing in the Scooby Doo Monster Truck. Learn all about Linsey Read, her family and the things she loves about driving Scooby Doo Monster Truck.

Linsey’s four-year-old daughter, Linsey, announces “Linsey Read driving Scooby-Dooooo,” when Linsey walks into the kitchen. Or anywhere else in the house.

This is a very common scene at Linsey’s house. Linsey is Monster Truck’s most beloved and entertaining female driver and loves to put on a show. Linsey will be joined by all the Monster Trucks you love at the Monster Jam Greenville show at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena, May 14th-16th.

Becoming a Monster Truck Driver

It sounds great to be paid to drive a huge truck and perform tricks in an arena. Linsey from El Paso Texas believed the same. After high school, she worked in retail and enjoyed going to Monster Jam shows. She saw the speed of the female drivers in their huge trucks and knew that this was her calling.

She dropped out of college to pursue her dream of driving a Monster Truck. Linsey began by competing in the Tough Truck Competition in El Paso. She placed fifth out of 25 drivers, despite having no experience. She was just a few seconds away from winning first place the next year. A few Monster Truck drivers noticed her and asked her if she ever considered driving a Monster Truck.

Bingo with Scooby Doo Monster Truck

Linsey attended Monster Jam University, where she learned how to drive a truck. She then began her career in 2016. Monster Jam invited Linsey to drive Scooby-Doo. This is a popular truck that Nicole Johnson drove. From there, it was on to the competitions.

Scooby Doo Monster Truck with Mom

Linsey fell pregnant with her daughter one year after she started her Monster Truck career. She took some time off to have the baby. She is now four years old and doesn’t hesitate to offer her mother advice.

Linsey said that Linsey’s daughter was just four months old at the time she attended her first show. She now tells me she should have done a different turn or performed a different trick. She is a great admirer of my driving.

Her little girl also loves to announce her mom at home.

Linsey stated, “I believe she’s going up to be a Monster Jam announcer.”

Linsey’s husband, and their daughter, would often go with her to shows before the pandemic. It’s now a little different, but they are still her greatest supporters. Fans love meeting children who want to drive Scooby Doo Monster Trucks.


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