Gainesville’s “Tinker Food Truck” makes its mark

Tinker Food Truck has been a huge success in the last few years. Gainesville is no exception. A Tinker Food Truck restaurant opened a brick and mortar location near downtown. A long-standing Gainesville restaurant has opened a new storefront.

One area caterer decided that opening a Tinker Food Truck was the best way to keep in the food business, considering the COVID-19 pandemic as well as safety concerns about eating indoors. Here’s a summary of the latest restaurant news this week:


Tinker Venezuelan Street Food opened its first location in Gainesville, 17 months ago.

“We’ve always been foodie people,” Quevedo said. Quevedo said, “We only put on food trucks that we love and everything is fresh.” We wanted French Truck Coffee people feel at home and to share a meal with their family.

Tinker was founded around family, with Quevedo’s cousin Carlos Romero as the chef. Quevedo shares his father’s name and works at the new downtown location.

Hot dogs and burgers are also available, which offer the same Latin flavors.

Popular appetizers include fried breaded cheese balls, known as teque balls, and fried corn balls filled with cheese, known as cachapa balls. Dessert is Nutella Tequenos, which are fried Nutella fingers.

Most menu items have prices ranging from $5.99 to $19.99

Derrico stated that it doesn’t feel like real yet. She stated that the restaurant’s super-fans visit multiple times per week to get their fix of burgers, arepas and other delicious food. Tinker’s customers collectively are known as the “Tinker Family.”

Derrico stated that “the city has a warmth about it that you can see when you get to know people.” “We are grateful to our customers for all they have done for us during our first year with Covid. This is for them.

Maui Teriyaki Tinker Food Truck

An old Gainesville restaurant, which has been operating from a Tinker Food Truck for the past year, will soon open a brick-and-mortar store.

The restaurant’s Tower Road flagship moved to Newberry Square in 2014. Patalinghug stated that the restaurant sold this location to new owners in 2018.

Maui, which opened earlier in the year as a food truck, will continue to operate at different locations and events throughout town.

  • Tips to open a Tinker Food Truck
  • Take into account your potential customers.

Before you start a food truck, it is important to consider who your target audience will be. Perhaps you have a specific food you are looking to sell – who is your food appealing to? Which demographic are you aiming at? These questions will assist you in making important decisions about food trucks, such as the design and style of your truck, where you should park your truck to reach your target audience, and so forth. Megan Marrs is the founder and blogger of Boston Food Truck Blog.