How to prepare your car for a road trip?

What was your last road trip? Road trips are always exciting and fun. It takes weeks and months of planning. Your mind will be refreshed by endless roads and an ever-expanding horizon. But what if your car breaks down and leaves you stuck in the middle of nowhere? It is important to care for your car, especially before you go on a road trip. It is always a good idea be prepared in case something goes wrong. This checklist will help you have an enjoyable adventure.

1. Make sure to check the Tyres

The tread and pressure are the most important things to check when checking your tyre. The tyre’s air pressure should not be too high or low, but it should be sufficient. This could cause bumpy rides and even a blowout. The recommended pressure for proper gripping and stability is the correct pressure. The recommended tyre pressure can be found at the driver’s side door edge or at the door post. If the treads are too shallow, it is possible for aquaplaning to occur and your vehicle will lose traction.

2. The Battery

The battery life span is usually between 2 and 3 years. It’s time to replace your battery if it hasn’t been replaced in three years. Check that your electrical charging system is working properly. Overcharging or undercharging can cause serious damage to a car’s battery life. If you feel the crank is sluggish when starting the engine, it’s time to replace the battery. It’s always safer and better to replace the battery and damaged cables before you start driving.

3. Verify the levels of engine oil and other fluids

Place your car on a flat surface. Next, check the engine oil. It should be at the dipstick’s high mark. It is time to change your engine oil if it is too dark. If it is not, then oil top-up may be the best option. Keep track of the mileage on service stickers after every service. Make sure to check the fluid levels in your radiator, brakes and windshield. These fluids should be lubricated based on how long your vehicle has been driven and how far you plan to drive during your next road trip. If you lubricate all of these parts, your car will run smoothly.

4. Change your air filters

It is fitted with air filters to prevent dust from getting into the interior of the car. They keep the air quality inside. It is possible that the filter has become clogged with dust and debris if it has been a while since the last time it was changed. It can become clogged after reaching its peak, which could lead to a decrease in engine performance, fuel condition, or interior air quality.

5. Make sure to check your lights and wipers

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to use your interior light at night only to discover that it has failed. For proper visibility on your road trip, your car’s wipers and lights must be in top condition. Always keep spare bulbs handy in case of an emergency. If your wiper blades are old or damaged, replace them immediately to ensure you see clearly in rain, fog, and other weather conditions.