What are the Best Ways to Repair Windscreens?

Your car’s windows are more important than you may realize to its functionality and structure. You are surrounded by windows from all sides, whether you are driving or sitting in the passenger seat. These windows include the windscreen, side windows and rear windows. The car windows on the sides, rear, and front are more than just for enjoying the view while driving. The driver’s visibility is the most important function of the windows. However, the glass also contributes to aerodynamics by sharing the weight of a bonnet. It is important to repair damaged car windows as soon as possible.

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What makes a windscreen?

It is important to understand how car windows work in order to understand why your windshield should be repaired. It may seem that all windows are the same, but it is not. The side and rear windows are made from tempered glass. It is treated so that it shatters into small pieces rather than sharp shards if it breaks. The windscreen, on the other hand is made from laminated glass. It is durable, but it reacts differently to impact and pressure than the windows to the rear and side of the car.

What is the cost of repairing a windshield chip?

The windscreen can sustain minor damage in one of two ways: chips or cracks. Chips are damage to the windscreen that marks the area where glass has been broken. These can appear in a circular, half-moon, crack chip, pit or star break. Star breaks are short cracks that extend outward from the center of the damage. Cracks, on the other hand create straight lines or slight wavy lines in your glass. These lines can be as short as a few inches up to the width of your entire windscreen. They will generally run horizontally along a line. Good news is that chips and cracks in your windscreen don’t always have to be replaced. Sometimes, even large cracks can be fixed. The cost of windscreen chip repair depends on many factors, including the amount and location of the damage. Chip repair may be covered by your auto insurance in certain cases. It’s worth checking before you make any decisions.

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What is the cost to repair a windscreen?

The cost of replacing your entire windscreen is not affected by your car’s make and model. Windscreen repairs are usually less than $150 and take only 30 minutes. However, it is possible to spend $200-$1000 to replace your entire windscreen. The price of your windscreen will vary depending on its size and availability. If your car has assistive technologies (ADAS), this will also need to be recalibrated after the new windscreen is installed.

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When should I replace my windscreen?

The windscreen not only provides visibility for driving, but also protects you and your passengers. You might not realize how serious minor cracks or chips can cause damage to your windscreen. You might be wondering whether your windscreen should be repaired or replaced completely if it is damaged. Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

  • Line of Vision: Windscreen damage that is within your line of sight when you drive can make it more difficult to repair than cracks or chips elsewhere on the windscreen. A good technician will match the glass light reflecting abilities as closely as possible. However, it is possible that you won’t get 100 percent vision if you live near a bright area where the sun plays a significant role in your vision.

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  • Locator: Windscreen repair technicians use special tools to locate cracks and chips near the edges of your windscreen. This could make it impossible to repair and may require a complete replacement.
  • Size: A crack or chip larger than a quarter of an inch could compromise the structural integrity of your car. It is possible to repair chips or cracks that are larger than a quarter of a meter in size, but it is not recommended as this could lead to reduced safety for the windscreen in an accident, or if airbags are deployed.