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Common Myths About Car Insurance

It can be confusing to understand the details of your insurance policy for your vehicle. It is important to be familiar with all details of your policy in order to be prepared for an accident and any other possible problems.

These Things WON’T Impact Your Car Insurance Premiums
The color of your car. It doesn’t matter if you smoke. Local weather This is what some people believe. Sunny regions don’t pay less than other areas, and your address is only used if necessary to determine the crime rate in your area. Speeding tickets You don’t usually have to worry about your rates going up if you get more than one in a short time.

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Your car’s age. Rates are determined based on how many claims an insurance company has received for the car and the average cost of repairs to it. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with its age. Factors that can affect your car insurance premiums

Your credit score. This is often used by insurance companies to assess how well you manage your finances. There are often gaps in coverage. While you may be able to save money by not having to pay for insurance, it could affect how much you end up paying when you get re-insured.

Vehicles that are new. Customers believe that the car insurance company will automatically notify them if you have another vehicle. However, in reality they usually give you a time limit.

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The Truth About Theft & Damage

Even if your car is older, theft can still happen. Thieves are more likely to steal older cars than they are newer models. Plus, they are often easier to get.

Insurance companies do not automatically cover theft and damage. A comprehensive package of insurance is required.

Auto insurance does not cover personal property that is lost or damaged in your vehicle.

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Other Myths

Don’t think you don’t have to cover damages if you loan your car to someone. Your car’s insurance attaches to it, not the driver.

Although rental car coverage is great for cars that are in the shop, it can’t be used to rent a car for vacations or other reasons than your vehicle being stolen or incapacitated.

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For business purposes, personal auto insurance can’t be used. Your claims may be denied if your insurance company discovers that you were involved in an accident while working for your business.

Because of the complexity involved in buying car insurance, it can seem daunting. Many drivers discover that they can make the most of their coverage by learning more about it. It’s always good to know that you have protection in case of an unexpected


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