Food Trucks of LA (With the “Lobsta Truck”)

Lobsta Truck

Amie and I had heard of these trucks and the amazing food they serve. We set out to find the Lobsta Truck on a random Thursday. Amie and I stumbled upon the food truck paradise that is Melrose Night. (As of 2015 this does not happen anymore). Over ten food trucks lined Melrose Avenue between Ogden & Stanley every Thursday. It is a monthly tradition, so many people were there. Some trucks had lines that lasted over an hour (The Grilled cheese truck).

After making the trek to the Lobsta Truck, it was time to get in line for our 12 dollar lobster roll. It came with butter and lobster. Although it is small, it contains a lot of lobster. It easily makes the 12 dollar price worth it. The lobster is flown in from Maine every week. They also have chips and drinks from Maine. Blueberry soda was my choice.

We walked around looking at the offerings of the other trucks and met Seth Rogan at the Komodo truck, which specialises in Burgerrito Tacos. I believe he decided on a Mongolian BBQ truck. Sorry for the poor quality picture. It was taken with my iPhone.

Overall, I highly recommend that you visit Melrose Night to try the food trucks. I’m sure I will return to the food trucks again, and I would love to try the grilled cheese truck. Please let me know if any of you have tried these or if you have any recommendations for other trucks. Check out the rest below.

Crab Shoot

We admit it: We can’t escape our West Coast roots.

We enjoy Maine’s specialty at Tasting Table‚Äôs annual Lobster Roll Rumble in New York each June.

We were there eating Dungeness crab when the Lobsta Truck from Los Angeles arrived in San Francisco two weeks ago.

Justin Mi was a seafood distributor for six years before his passion for lobster rolls led him to New England. Two trucks are already in operation in Los Angeles and Orange County by the Cal graduate. He has also sent a third to New England.

Chowder and fish are available in the truck, but you can only take one poll when you get up to the truck’s windows: Lobster or crab? Butter or mayo?

We had one complaint about the buttered lobster roll ($14), and that was it needed more butter. The crab roll with mayo ($13), however, made San Franciscans proud.