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All You Need To Know About Night Riding “Neon Motorcycles”

Motorcycling long-term is about managing risks and remaining safe year after year. Even though riding at night can be avoided, it is important to have visibility. Visibility is essential for motorists and other objects in the area. Neon motorcycles you also need to be able see other vehicles and things around you.

Neon Motorcycles Ride at Night: Hidden Dangers

You need to be more careful when riding in low visibility. These are some things you should be aware of when riding at night.

Drunk Drivers: Statistics show that riding at night presents additional dangers from drunk drivers, aside from the obvious difficulties with poor visibility. Although it is unlikely that you will be the one to blame, other drivers Johhny Pag Motorcycles are more likely than you to have had a few drinks before they get behind the wheel. In 2016, 47% fatalities involving alcohol and riding neon motorcycles occurred between 9 and 3 AM.

Hidden obstacles: The road is more dangerous than other vehicles due to potholes of all sizes, loose gravel, manholes and other hazards. These obstacles can also make it more difficult to navigate around. You may be able to see the road well, but moving in your lane can lead you into a collision course where you might not have seen.


The expression “a deer in your headlights” refers to animals that freeze when under pressure. Many prey and scavenger species tend to go out at night in order to avoid active predators during the day and/or because they are simply nocturnal. If you happen to see an animal at night, you can be sure to spot them by their glow.

Limited visibility

According to IIHS, neon motorcycles fatalities accounted for 27% of all nighttime riding (between 9 and 3 AM) in 2016. You’ll notice a nearly 2-to-1 ratio between weekend and weekday fatalities if you compare them. Although statistics don’t account for seasonality because of weather conditions that may have caused terrible riding conditions, it is hard to believe that nearly 700 riders lost at night.

Be visible

There are many ways that you can make night riding safer for neon motorcycles, if visibility is a major contributor to fatalities and accidents at night. These are just a few ways to improve safety when riding at night.

High Visibility Clothing/Gear: Your body is visible to other drivers. Wear clothing that can be seen at night in low light conditions.


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