Top 3 best “Stroller Bike” trailers for kids

These five stroller bike trailers have been rated based on customer reviews and years of experience. All come with the stroller conversion included in the box.

I assume you want the best bicycle trailer for your dollar, and these stroller bike trailers are the best. They all have premium features that are much more expensive than the current price.

1. Schwinn Joyrider Stroller Bike

The Schwinn Joyrider, a two-seat trailer that can convert seamlessly into a stroller, is an incredible deal for only $480. The Schwinn Joyrider has many high-end features such as a stroller conversion right out of the box, 20-inch wheels for added smoothness and ample interior space. All of this without spending more than $480

The Joyrider has been my favorite trailer for the longest time, and I stand behind it as the best value stroller bike trailer.


  • Affordable–Simply a low price for high-quality features
  • Protection cage–Added peace-of-mind
  • Converts easily to a stroller


  • Wide–The frame may be slightly wider than the average trailer with two seats
  • Heavy–The trailers that are heavier (40 lbs)

2. Thule Chariot Lite Stroller Bike

The Thule Chariot Light is the best choice for active families looking to get the most from their stroller bike trailer. The large wheels and suspension make this a great choice for mountain or gravel riding.

Why would anyone pay so much for a stroller bike trailer?

Chariot Lite has suspension which provides extra comfort for your child when they are riding on uneven terrain. This trailer is perfect for mountain or gravel riding.

If you are just looking to ride recreationally, the Schwinn Joyrider offers many of the same features at a fraction of the cost.


  • The best quality materials – Truly the most valuable components on the market
  • Suspension–Added comfort for rough terrain
  • Double front wheels make for a great stroller
  • It has lots of storage. There is even a pannier bag attached at the back.


  • It’s an expensive bike trailer with suspension.
  • It is difficult to assemble – There are many attachments that can be confusing at first

3. Aosom Stroller Bike Elite

The Aosom Elite is a great budget option for those with a tight budget.

If you have the funds, the Schwinn Joyrider is my preference. It offers quality, comfort and a protective cage.

You will find many of the same features on this bike trailer as you would expect from a mid-range price, including large 20-inch wheels, stroller conversion and double seats.

The frame wraps around the wheels and you’ll notice it. This is done to prevent the wheels from striking objects while you’re riding or walking.

You can also have a bench-style seating option! The Instep trailers have a hammock-style seat, so a bench-style seat offers VALLEY FORD TRUCK a more comfortable ride for children.


  • Handbrake for safer strolling–a unique feature
  • Unexpected bench-style seats on a budget trailer
  • Budget trailers have large 20-inch wheels that are unheard of
  • For added comfort, double-seat capacity – wide seats
  • Stroller conversion–a great feature for an affordable price


  • The frame is wider than most trailers, and it sticks out slightly more around the wheels.