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Many people find it difficult to buy a car outright. Valley Ford truck Battleford offers excellent vehicle financing and vehicle leasing rates for all new and used vehicles. Customers from all over Saskatchewan have been helped by our Finance team to get the car they desire at a great price.


Ford Credit partners allow us to handle all your auto financing needs in house. No need to use banks or middlemen. First-time buyers can also get special financing with limited credit and no-credit. We can also guarantee your approval based on your credit score and offer low-percent financing rates.

Valley ford truck Battleford serves communities throughout Saskatchewan, including North Battleford (Maymont), Glaslyn, Edam and Hafford). We can help you with your questions and concerns. You can also fill out our online Craigslist Kansas City Car Credit Application to be pre-approved and get started on your dream car.


We are pleased to offer Ford Extended Service Plans (ESP), to all customers at valley ford truck Battleford. Ford ESP provides additional coverage beyond the standard warranty to protect you from unexpected repairs.

There are many plans available, so you can be sure to find the right package for your driving style and vehicle. You can rest assured knowing that all Ford ESP plans are 100% guaranteed by Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited. This includes rental vehicle reimbursement of up to $30 per day for up to 10 consecutive days, among other benefits.

Contact a Valley Ford Truck Battleford finance specialist today to find out how to buy a Ford Extended Service Plan


  • Sign up today to receive $10 off any future parts, accessories, or service
  • Get a 5% credit on future service purchases
  • Get your fifth oil change absolutely free
  • You get an oil change when you buy a certified pre-owned or new vehicle from our shop
  • You also get $100 toward a future Ford vehicle purchase when you purchase a Ford new or used vehicle from Valley Ford Hague

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