Truck Tire Repair: Service & Maintenance Tips

Truck Tire Repair maintenance is an integral part of any fleet’s scheduled or preventive maintenance program. It is easy to just “kick the tires” without paying attention to the details. This can make the difference between dropping off your truck and waiting on the sidelines for service.

Keep your air pressure at a constant level Truck Tire Repair

One tire maintenance tip is universally agreed upon: Properly inflating tires is essential. According to Judith Monte, vice-president, marketing and customer satisfaction at Aperia Technologies, driving on low-inflated tires can cause excessive heating. This is the biggest enemy of tires and leads to most tire-related ERS events. Given today’s high fuel and tire costs, maintaining optimal tire pressure is essential. However, it is almost impossible to do manually. NACFE’s most recent Annual Fleet Fuel Studies found that more than 85% use ATI (Automatic Tire Inflation), and there has been a 168% increase in ATI for tractors.

Make sure to check your tread depth

Truck Tire Repair

All truck tire tread depths must be accurate and sufficient for repair.

“Always conduct the penny test before you start your day. Place the edge of the penny bearing Lincoln upside-down between the treads. McGowan, of HONK Technologies, said that if you can see Lincoln’s eyes it is time to change the tires.

Ensure Proper Training

Truck Tire Repair

Make sure that drivers and technicians are properly trained in tire maintenance.

Both drivers and technicians need to know how to correctly measure tire pressure. Monte, of Aperia Technologies, stated that cold inflation pressure (CIP)measurements should be made on tires that have cooled at least three hours before driving to ensure an accurate reading.

Choose the right tool

Choose the right tire for you.

The driving conditions and route determine the tire’s tread, compounding and construction. Tires that aren’t suited for their application will Truck Tire Repair wear faster if they aren’t chosen correctly. Imagine tires that are designed for long haul use in urban environments. Monte from Aperia Technologies said that in such cases, the tread would prematurely wear off.”

Tire Service Tips

Know the Tires

You need to be familiar with the details of truck tire repair before you can service it. If a technician is not up to date with industry changes, it could lead to serious damage.

Directional tires are relatively new in the industry. McGowan from HONK Technologies stated that these tires can only rotate in one direction and can cause damage to your truck worth thousands of dollars.

Tire Rotations and Wheel Alignments

Tires are subject to uneven wear once they have been placed on trucks.

Barker, of TA Truck Service Commercial Tire Network, stated that it is important to rotate tires every 6,000-8,000 mile to evenly distribute tread wear and prolong tire life. If necessary, do a complete alignment of all three axles. This will encourage even wear and increase mileage before the vehicle is removed.