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VIP Boats: Yachts Works With an Outside Company

This privacy statement outlines the privacy practices of Dealer Spike, LLC, VIP Boats & Yachts. Dealer Spike, LLC, and VIP Boats & Yachts support fair information practices. Dealer Spike, LLC, and VIP Boats & Yachts respect your privacy. We have also agreed to share our information practices.


Dealer Spike, LLC, is the sole owner and operator of the information on this site. VIP Boats & Yachts and Dealer Spike, LLC will not share, rent, or sell this information in any other way than what is stated in this statement. We collect information from users at many different points on our web site, including Dealer Spike, LLC, VIP Boats & Yachts, and other third parties.


To get a price quote on a vehicle, the user must first fill out a Quote Request form. The user must provide their contact information, such as name, address and telephone number. This information can be used to contact the user, provide a quote, or any other information they request. Although it is not required for the user, financial information can be provided so VIP Boats & Yachts may review the request and pre-qualify them for financing if they are qualified. All information submitted via the quote Javelin Boats request form will be encrypted and stored on a secure server.


The e-Catalog order forms ask for information from the user. The user will need to provide contact information, such as name and shipping address, and financial information (such as credit card number and expiration date). This information is used to bill customers and fill their orders. VIP Boats & Yachts will use this information to contact the customer if they have difficulty processing an order. For security reasons, all customer information collected via the order form will be encrypted and stored on a secure server.


Advertisers and partners may receive demographic information. These are not usually linked to any personal information that could identify an individual. Based on the information we have, Dealer Spike, LLC, VIP Boats & Yachts, may send E-mails and mail to inform users about special offers at their Dealership, or other information or offers that might be of interest. VIP Boats & Yachts uses a third party company such as UPS, Fed Ex, USPS. You can find more information here. To ship orders and to bill customers for goods and services. These companies don’t store, share, store, or use personal identifiable information for secondary purposes, to the best of our knowledge.


VIP Boats & Yachts and Dealer Spike, LLC may send service announcement updates to the user’s site. These updates contain important information about the service. We can communicate with the user via email or phone to provide requested services as well as to address any issues related to their account.


We will correct, update, or delete any user’s personal information if it changes (such address, E-mail, etc.) or if the user no longer wants to receive information from Dealer Spike, LLC or VIP Boats & Yachts.


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