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“Winner Aviation”

Winner Aviation is a pioneer in the aviation industry and has been for seven decades. Winner Aviation’s success can be attributed to a combination of technology and human interaction. The company has a full-service MRO located at Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport in Vienna (Ohio). The company’s line of service includes ground handling, aircraft maintenance, and difficult-to-find parts.

Winner Aviation, a well-known distributor of aircraft parts, relies on quick quotes to get the parts they need. This case study demonstrates how ERP system was slowing down their business and how it has allowed for continued growth.

The problem: Inefficiencies in workflow

While they tried to respond to RFQs quickly, the Parts Department soon discovered that CORRIDOR’s manual data entry was slowing down their response time. Jennifer Digman, Retail Parts Associate for Winner Aviation, said Dolphin Boats that it was frustrating to have to manually create new customers in CORRIDOR to be able to quote them. As the requests increased, this time-consuming process of quoting became less productive.

Solution: A quick, hassle-free, and efficient quoting process winner aviation

Winner Aviation required a solution that would solve two of its major problems. First, it was difficult to manage RFQs or generate quotes for parts in stock. Antiquated workflows resulted in a longer sales cycle. They realized that there was a way for maximum productivity when they were introduced to Rotabull back in June 2020. They did their research without hesitation.

Rotabull provided Winner Aviation with everything they needed to streamline their quoting process, speed up the response time and close more deals quicker. The smart quoting feature allows sales associates to save time and reuse past quotes for fast-moving components with one click.

“I began to use Rotabull 3 days before Sarah Hensh Hull joined. I was able to not only learn but also train Sarah. Sarah began quoting customers her second day here,” Jennifer Digman explains.

Results: A 40% increase in daily quotations per user

Rotabull made it easy for the Winner Aviation team to receive RFQs, and send out quotes. Their team was able to increase their productivity by automating their sales operations. Their average daily quote has increased by 40%. They now send out 140 quotes per day, which reduces the time it takes to sell aircraft parts.

Rotabull’s reporting capabilities allow Winner Aviation to save time and focus on their customers. We used to need to do more manual work to get the same information. Automation has made it possible to generate information from reports in such a way that we are quite astonished,” says Sarah Hensh Hull, Retail Parts Associate at Winner Aviation. Rotabull can help you increase your sales. Her advice to you is “Run, don’t walk!”


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