Why you will soon see more “yellow cars”?

When was the last time that you saw a yellow car other than a taxi? Maybe last week or last month? We hope you have become more aware of yellow cars. This is also true when you purchase a new car. You suddenly see the same model and color everywhere.

Julie claims that the phenomenon is also common for pregnant women. Everywhere you look you will see other pregnant ladies. Are there suddenly a lot of pregnant women in the area? They aren’t, they’ve always been there. They are more obvious because you think about them.

Make sure you are focusing on the positive aspects of your mental health

We shared The Yellow Cars Phenomenon, which is rooted in neuroscience last week. The brain’s filter between subconscious and conscious minds is called the reticular activating mechanism (RAS). The RAS filters through all the information, stimuli and data that enter your brain without you even realizing it. The RAS filters out irrelevant information and only brings the most relevant information to your conscious brain. We see what we want.

The RAS determines what you focus your attention on and lets you choose to only pay attention to that which is most useful. This is why you’ll see more yellow cars.

We will now discuss how to master UWorld Cars your RAS and build a positive coaching mindset.

Your life will attract the things you focus on. Focusing on the negative will lead to more negativity. Take this example:

  • Concentrate on the problems. There are many obstacles.
  • If you focus on the things that are beyond your control, you’ll quickly give up and throw in the towel.
  • You will feel paralysed by inaction if you focus on fear over faith.
  • You will lose your natural talent if you focus on weaknesses instead of strengths.
  • Your life will be a soap opera if you focus on the drama in your life.

What does the RAS mean for coaching?

To focus on the positive, inspiring coaches use “The Yellow Cars Phenomenon” Focus on the opportunities and doors will open. Forgiveness is the key to forgiveness. Your life will be filled with laughter if you focus on the comedy in your life. You can build confidence in your team by focusing on the positive aspects. Focus on learning and moving forward and stumbling blocks will be transformed into stepping stones. Your view of the world is what it looks like. Things will change if you shift your perspective.

Look for the “yellow cars” when coaching your team. Also, focus on the positive. Positive outlooks will lead to positive outcomes for you and your team.